Monday, 4 October 2010

Creature sketch

Quick sketch of some sort of sentient alien creature.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kel'Vir Ruins - Starcraft 2 custom map

I don't normally play RTS games, in fact Starcraft 2 is probably the first I've played. At least I can't remember having played any before, as they normally bore me. Despite that I've really enjoyed Starcraft 2 and decided to poke around the map editor a little.

To that end I've worked up a 12 player (6v6) multiplayer map which supports Melee & Co-op VS AI game modes. I've not added anything new, everything in the screenshots are stock assets. I'll make another map, but it will definitely be smaller than this one. At maximum size the whole environment tends to become a little repetitive.

I'd also like to have a go at setting up a custom campaign map, though that gets a little more technical and I need a bit more spare time for that.

Edit: If you play Starcraft 2, you can find the map by searching for either "Kel'Vir Ruins" or "Psychobadger" after you've clicked create game in the multiplayer mode.

On a side note, the image uploader is crawling at the moment. Shouldn't take 20mins to upload four jpegs. ;p